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Quality evolves from the start—by processing the best quality raw material, combining pulp and resins, eliminating moisture, deploying the correct solvents and chemicals, curing and converting the processed material to the splendid product the Company has rapidly become famous for.

Jaydev Kraft Paper’s Bursting Factor is from 16 to 32, and its gsm (weight) ranges from 100 to 200. The end product goes through burst, hardness, impact, permeability, thermal and several other tests until QC inspectors certify approval. While inspection is sudden and randomly done, the tests are routine and an unalienable part of the process.

Corrugated board in roll form, in its stiff form with double corrugation, and other configuration are the variations in the range—whether the product is a simple box, a mailer, or large cartons for transporting heavier products such as computer hardware, electronic goods, refrigerators etc.

Paper technicians optimise pulp quality by converting it into the world’s most popular packaging paper—kraft. This khaki-coloured masterpiece in pulp conversion lends itself admirably to forming the outer layer in corrugation. As for the core, the inner zigzag striations of converted pulp and resin form the main structure that gives the finished product its strength.


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